Hey everyone,

I am very glad to present myself as a professional music producer

who is able to accomplish deals in terms of my abilities as a producer and performer artist.

As a producer.- Since long time of recording at home (2008-present), and then experiencing with friends in recording studios to finally get enrolled at Full Sail University in the music production program degree (2014-2017). I have deeply learned what are the producers and engineers necessities in the music industry. At the end of this phase of my life, I learned to work for recording projects; being an assistant or mentor in huge studios or being the same in home studios. Furthermore, I have seen the necessities of modern life in audio recording in a digital world; where is too easy transport a laptop and some other small devices to anywhere; either, to compose music or to record audio outdoors or indoors. That's why I am consider myself a modern musician who is solving all audio problems with a service that I call "Home Recording" or "Recording at home" what it means. Go to solve problems of audio wherever the audio is happening since a home studio till a professional one. To add, I also have another service that I call it "Sound Rescue" for those who suffer sound problems in live performances and commercial places such as, a bar, a live concert,a music store, and so on.

As an performer artist.- I am the mind behind the Rock band SANGRYN that includes lyrics in English and Spanish. instrumentally speaking, in the beginning it was a Rock band, and now for the new album which is being recorded in 2017 this Rock band is gonna incorporate some folk instruments and fluent music composition to transmit a connection between lyrics and music . As a result, Sangryn is tending to be a multifaceted artist for the next years, and an innovative band in the music industry for all the music projects that it will be showing you soon. 

Redacted by Damian Esparza